Designed to light the way


Inspirit Gallery is preparing for its first lighting and design exhibition.

The Crocus Lamp by Ross Mackay
The Crocus Lamp by Ross Mackay

The exhibition, which will run from August 5 will feature the work of Ross Mackay, a colleague of the renowned designer David Trubridge in Hawkes Bay.

Mackay, who has been involved with art and design since 1990, joined Trubridge and William Jameson to form design incubator Cicada Studios in 2001.

The show at the Pencarrow Rd gallery will feature lights, furniture, mirrors and even a mailbox

Mackay’s creative journey began with engineering and design and has become a journey to fuse form and function. His works are conceptually based, evolving to designs through extensive prototyping.

The designs are inspired by nature and constructed with modern engineering processes to a high degree of perfection.

“I hope these pieces give you the pleasure in their aesthetics and use they gave me in their design and crafting,” Mackay said.

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