Road works in winter


The second delivery and placement of bridge beams is expected at the Pickering Road underbridge on Monday as work on the Waikato Expressway forges ahead.

Also in Tamahere, daytime users of the State Highway 1 Tamahere Straight need to be aware that a single lane only in both direction is still in place as work on the existing median strip continues.

Meanwhile, in their latest update on the expressway, NZ Transport Agency project manager Raj Rajagopal and HEB Construction’s project manager Gary Budden explained about the environmental controls for the major project.

Winter weather creates a number of challenges for such a project, particularly where there are a lot of earthworks and exposed surfaces, they said.

“Rain creates a lot of mud and slows down progress but we factor that into our schedule and know progress won’t be as good over the wettest months of the year.

“The winter rains also lead to potential run-off and that’s why we set up environmental controls to make sure that muddy stormwater is contained and doesn’t find its way into the area’s waterways.”

HEB Construction has a dedicated two-person environmental team on site, headed by Safety, Quality, Environmental Manager Simon Cathcart. Waikato Regional Council staff regularly inspect the environmental controls.

The project landscaping has included various sized and shaped earth bunds and swales to help direct stormwater from the construction site into dedicated ponds. The ponds also act as silt traps.

Approximately 350,000 plants are expected to be planted as part of the final landscaping along the 16km of the Cambridge section.

For further information on the Cambridge section of the expressway:

  • Visit the Information Centre (9am-3pm Mon to Fri excluding public holidays) at 129 Victoria Road
  • Phone 0800 WAIK EXP or 0800 924539

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