Must-haves galore at market


This Saturday’s Tamahere Market is the time for organised people to start planning their Christmas shopping, according to the market’s very organised Jane Manson.

“We are almost counting down to Christmas!” says Jane. “Come along and start the ‘must have’ list for everything from table settings to the essentials for a corporate gift basket.”

For the rest of us, however, the August market will be a time to indulge in the usual festival of food ranging from popcorn to crispy chicken dumplings, the legendary mussel fritters to Kumar’s bonda and samosas.

Those with four-footed friends will also find a range of treats for them, too.

Whatever your choice, the market is open until 1pm and so ideal to visit after the children’s sport and stock up for lunch and dinner.

The Tamahere Market is held in St Stephen’s church grounds, corner of Airport Rd and Tamahere Drive, from 8.30am to 1pm. More information here.

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