Hautapu-SH 1 junction ends


Hautapu Rd’s access to State Highway 1 closed permanently today.
changes ahead
The closure follows the recent re-opening of Pickering Rd, which along with Racecourse Rd will now provide access to SH 1 and Hautapu Rd.

Traffic on SH1 also now travels the first new section of the Waikato Expressway between Pencarrow Road and Duncan Road.

The shift will open up a new construction area for development of the new cycleway connection from Strawberry Fields Lane to the Hautapu Road Extension. In the interim cyclists will be able to remain on SH1.

In other changes, a left turn only will be in place for traffic entering or exiting Pencarrow Road via SH1. Detour routes for right turning traffic will be provided for via Pickering Rd and Duncan Rd. Duncan Rd access will not be affected.

Speed restrictions on SH1 remain 80km per hour.

For further updates visit the NZTA Visitor Information Centre, 129 Victoria Road, open Monday to Friday from 9am-3pm (excluding public holidays), or check out online the Waikato Expressway Facebook page.

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