Parties, noise dismay neighbours


Hart Rd residents are seeing some of their worst fears realised.

“We and our neighbours have had to ring the council on numerous occasions to ask noise control people to come out and control the noise levels at Hart Rd,” one long time resident told Tamahere Forum recently.

“Today and tonight was just way out of control,” she said of a recent Saturday. “It was like the whole street must have been having a party.”

The noise and partying is emanating from some of the large houses in Hart Rd which, with eight or nine bedrooms per household, raised concerns among old time residents from the beginning of their construction that they would be used for student accommodation.

Now, in the case of some of the houses in the short road off Newell Rd, that appears to be the case. The area is zoned low density residential.

Another Hart Rd resident said he believed there were 11 university students living in one of the houses. Judging by the number of cars parked at another house there appeared to be a similar number of people living there.

A couple of the houses were occupied by families who were causing no problems, he said.

Some of the long time residents said they had faith the Waikato District Council would be able to enforce the covenants on the houses that prevented them being used for boarders while others had no confidence the council would be able to remedy the situation.

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