Boy racers rile locals


Boy racers have held large, noisy gatherings on the new Pickering Rd roundabout for the last three Friday nights.

At least a hundred cars turned up last Friday with drivers doings wheelies around and over the roundabout and even in the nearby duck pond, killing the ducks, said a local resident.

Locals have called the Police but are urging more people concerned about the intimidating antics to also contact authorities with their concerns.

The resident said the car racers used the new Waikato expressway overbridge as a platform to view the roundabout racing below.

“It used to be just a quiet country area until the underpass and roundabout went in. They are there in such numbers it is very intimidating.”

Police have responded to locals’ distress calls but the sound of their sirens from some distance away had caused the racers to disperse, the resident said.

Neighbours who have cleaned up the area after one gathering collected two large rubbish sacks of bottles.

To report concerns about the boy racer gatherings people can call the emergency 111, or Hamilton Police on 07 858 6200, and also make their concerns known to the Waikato District Council on 07 824 8633.

2 thoughts on “Boy racers rile locals

  • February 24, 2015 at 9:48 pm

    Are the cops that dumb to have their sirens going when going on a hunt. surely to god they must be smarter than that. wouldn’t take a lot to blockade the road down there.

    • February 25, 2015 at 9:08 am

      There’s been an update from HEB Construction. To help deter the boy racers from returning HEB has placed some temporary crowd control fencing up on the roundabout. HEB says it is also working closely with the Police, who have assured them that in the interest of community safety they will provide more presence in the area.


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