Anger grows over Hart Rd “pigsty”


There is growing anger among Hart Rd residents as they see there once quiet neighbourhood increasingly trashed and overrun with hostel-style occupants.

Cars lined up at a Hart Rd house
Cars lined up at a Hart Rd house

“There were 10 cars parked at 33 Hart Rd at 10am this morning,” said a long time resident today.

Already this year the long established residents have raised concerns about noise and partying from some of the large, eight or nine bedroom houses in the road they now say is like a pigsty.

Piles of rubbish, building waste and uncut grass have been added to the area’s growing unsightly appearance, say the increasingly irate locals of the road off Newell Rd north.

Overflowing rubbish bins, long grass and long unfinished houses plague Hart Rd
Overflowing rubbish bins, long grass and long unfinished houses plague Hart Rd

Rubbish skips are full to overflowing on several of the sites where there are unfinished houses, a resident said

“Somebody is adding their black, plastic, rubbish bags on top of the building waste in the skips and the garbage is now falling off on to the ground around the bins. It’s unsightly as well as a growing health hazard.”

As well, two truckloads of broken concrete and rubbish dirt were dumped behind the house at 23 Hart Rd in recent weeks, said residents who believed it was put there by the operator of earth moving equipment who previously worked for the developer, LV Park.

“The whole street is so unmanaged that it is now becoming a dumping ground simply because they can somehow get away with it,” a resident complained.

The subdivision’s grass is rarely if ever cut, he said.

“It was mowed by the developer probably once during all of 2014. Neither the developer or the tenants seem to care yet we have to live next door to this. The grass is long, unsightly, gone to seed a very long time ago, and the whole place is looking like a pigsty.”

Long term residents say they have gone from frustration at inaction over the problems to outright anger.

“We have paid our life savings to live in a quiet, peaceful, country living zone, next to people with similar lifestyle values and now we have to put up with not only high density housing but rubbish piles and overgrown yards and roadsides.”

One couple planned to sell and leave the area. Others hoped to get sufficient proof of breaches of the covenants on the properties that ensured they would not be used as hostels to enable the Waikato District Council to take some action.

People’s patience was running extremely thin but they hoped that with proof of covenant breaches the council would be able to get the mess cleaned up and keep it that way, a resident spokesman said.

2 thoughts on “Anger grows over Hart Rd “pigsty”

  • March 1, 2015 at 8:26 pm

    The Wang’s of LV Park have history already if my memory is right. A bankruptcy a couple of years ago for a dodgy real estate deal and problems with misleading advertising that they were part of Master Builders but weren’t registered at all.
    The consents that are issued should have dates that require work to be finished within a certain time frame, hit up the council to see if that is a condition, if it is you can use the RMA section 316 to take it further.

  • February 25, 2015 at 5:14 pm

    I was regularly seeing notices on the WDHB Intranet regarding rooms to let on Hart Rd. The notices were advertised as a shared accommadation with communal kitchens and housekeeping services.


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