Donkey wanted for star role


A donkey. A donkey. My church for a donkey, Reverend Ellen Bernstein said (more or less).

The vicar of St Stephen’s Church is desperately (kinda) seeking a donkey for a star appearance in an upcoming church service.

Anyone with a donkey who would be happy for it to clip clop up the aisle at St Stephen’s Church, Tamahere will be, err, blessed.

“We have a date in the church calendar coming up called Palm Sunday (March 29), and traditionally churches around the world bring a donkey to church on that day, especially to bring the story to life for children.”

Rev Ellen, just two months into the job at St Stephen’s, has done her homework in her great donkey hunt.

“I’m too new to have met any donkey people yet, and a lot of sections around here have covenants prohibiting donkey-keeping!”

If you can offer a donkey click here to email Rev Ellen or phone 07 856-2937

(With apologies to Shakespeare and Richard III who desperately sought “A horse, a horse. My kingdom for a horse.”)

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