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Hundreds of hoons gathering at Pickering Rd and the Hart Rd “ghost town” have made Tamahere a hot media topic.

A new section of the Waikato expressway project is being used for potentially dangerous burnouts and drifting races by masses of boy racers, from as far afield as Tauranga and Auckland, the Waikato Times reports, complete with dramatic photos and video of the events.

Hooning drivers from as far away as Auckland have come to the Pickering Rd roundabout
Hooning drivers from as far away as Auckland have come to the Pickering Rd roundabout

And the paper reports that a “lack of funds for a prominent Hamilton building company has stalled construction on six giant Tamahere properties.”

Over the last month hundreds of car enthusiasts have gathered at the northern end of Tamahere’s Pickering Rd on Friday nights to watch and perform burnouts, skids and drift around the newly-built roundabout, the Waikato Times reports.

Social media has been used to organise the scheduled events dubbed “Auckland Invades Hamilton”. In one event, 1132 were reported to have attended with Facebook pages featuring photographs and video of people blocking roads and standing near cars as they drift, or skid sideways on the roundabout and spin their wheels. Some even attempt to hold cars still as they smoke their tyres.

The Pickering Rd roundabout is part of the Cambridge section of New Zealand Transport Agency’s expressway project. With a large, vacant, concrete roundabout, ample street lighting and a smooth flat, newly sealed road, the expressway extension provides a perfect venue.

But residents on nearby Oakley Lane and Pickering Rd have had enough of the late night noise, the smell of burnt tyres, leftover rubbish and damage to property.

Waikato District Council infrastructure committee chairman, and Tamahere resident, Wally Hayes, said about 23 residents had attended a recent meeting to voice concerns.

“The main concern is the noise in the early hours of the morning, it is building each week and apparently there has been damage to property and leftover rubbish.”

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Meanwhile, at the opposite side of Tamahere neighbours say development on Hart Rd, owned by development company LV Park, hasn’t seen any significant progress since November, the paper reports.

Overflowing rubbish bins, long grass and long unfinished houses plague Hart Rd
Overflowing rubbish bins, long grass and long unfinished houses plague Hart Rd

The end of the road is a boneyard of houses. The skeletons of incomplete constructions are perched on overgrown sections. Not a tree has been planted, not a garden has been dug.

Troy Hung, who is involved in selling the properties on behalf of LV Park, said construction had halted while the company waited for funds.

He said the company had been trying to sell the completed houses to raise money for construction, “but they are not easy houses to sell, only because the demand for 9-bedroom houses is a niche market”.

Hung said he was speculating, but he didn’t think LV Park was in financial strife.

Five of the 11 almost-identical houses are finished, but in most cases the meagre, weed-strewn gravel driveways don’t even reach the front doors.

The rest are in various stages of completion.

Three don’t have roofs or covers, the framing timber discoloured from exposure to the elements.

The houses, around 500 square metres each, are being marketed on for between $1.69 million and $1.79m.

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One thought on “Focus on Tamahere trouble spots

  • March 1, 2015 at 9:13 pm

    Sorry i posted this in an earlier thread but should of put it here

    The Wang’s of LV Park have history already if my memory is right. A bankruptcy a couple of years ago for a dodgy real estate deal and problems with misleading advertising that they were part of Master Builders but weren’t registered at all.
    The consents that are issued should have dates that require work to be finished within a certain time frame, hit up the council to see if that is a condition, if it is you can use the RMA section 316 to take it further


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