Deliberations on decade ahead


The Waikato District Council is working on budgets and plans for the community’s development over the next 10 years – the Long Term Plan 2015-25 – and is inviting residents’ input.

A public meeting will be held in Tamahere, at the Devine Rd community centre, at 7pm on Monday, March 23 to discuss the key issues.

It’s an opportunity to learn about opportunities in the community and help the council decide what should be in this important planning document that sets the district’s direction for the next decade, including how activities could be managed, delivered and funded.

Should we pay more now or later to assess our water infrastructure?

Should we complete traction seal on 400kms or 200kms of unsealed roads?

How much should we spend to maintain our parks and reserves?

Should library hours be extended?

Should all users be charged a consistent fee for drinking water, storm water, and sewerage?

Reducing waste saves money – how do we meet a zero waste target?

Submissions need to be made to the council by 5pm, Friday, April 17. Details on how and where to do that are here on the council website.

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