Duncan Rd-SH1 crossroad to close


UPDATE: Access from Duncan Rd to State Highway 1 will close permanently from Wednesday, May 6 – brought forward from Thursday.

UPDATE: At the same time SH1 traffic will be switched onto the new expressway between Duncan Road and just south of the Cambridge Northern expressway interchange. (Not over Thursday/Friday as notified earlier.)

The NZ Transport Agency and HEB Construction recommends that in future Duncan Road residents use Pencarrow Road and the existing Tamahere Interchange to access SH1.

NZTA is also planning safety improvements for the Hooker Road and SH1 intersection in the near future.

Duncan Rd access to SH1 will close from Thursday
Duncan Rd access to SH1 will close from Thursday

For further information about the project, visit Visitor Information Centre, 129 Victoria Road, from Monday to Friday 9am-3pm, or by appointment (excluding public holidays), or visit the Waikato Expressway’s Facebook page.

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