Tam Jam to entertain


The inaugural Tam Jam, a concert-cum-picnic featuring local Tamahere talent, is set to blast off from midday on June 1.

TamJam2015PosterThe Queen’s Birthday event is the brainchild of local blues musician and music teacher Darcy Perry who said the idea started out as a concert and grew from there.

“A gig for the kids by the kids provides an opportunity for children in the community to share their talents with friends and family and have a fun day out,” Perry told Tamahere Forum.

The event in the St Stephen’s church grounds will feature local singers, dancers, bands and novelty acts.

The afternoon of family entertainment will be ideal for a picnic or with a gold coin donation there will be light refreshment and barbecue food.

The team that has joined with Perry to stage Tam Jam includes Rev. Ellen Bernstein, the St Stephen’s vicar, Lee Tulloch-Morgan from Lil Pumpkins childcare center, and Sharlene Woolston who has run the Pumpkin Night stage for the past eight years.

Between them the group has plenty of professional sound equipment to guarantee good sound on the day and they are being supported by volunteer parents and friends of the church. Regal Haulage has kindly supplied a stage.

“This is the inaugural Tam Jam and the name was created by the children,” Perry said. “I hope that it continues for many years to come.”

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