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The garments that two Tamahere women spent countless late nights creating will parade in front of them at this year’s World of WearableArt show.

Lisa Vanin and Jenny Jack have made the WOW finals for the second year in a row (Photo: Fairfax)

Lisa Vanin and Jenny Jack have made the WOW finals for the second year in a row (Photo: Fairfax)

Sisters-in-law Jenny Jack and Lisa Vanin were finalists in 2014 – along with another relative, Sacha Mail – and have made it back for 2015.

The World of WearableArt (WOW) Awards are in their 28th year and challenge designers to make “works of art to be worn on the human form”, reported the Waikato Times.

The 2015 show will include 128 garments and half are from international designers.

The Waikato finalists will see it twice, because they bought tickets before deciding to enter creations.

“Just seeing your garment really come to life is an amazing feeling,” said Jack who lives in Tamahere and where her two oldest children attend school.

“It’s really neat hearing the reaction of people around you as well.”

Her entry is made from 5000 recycled computer keys and comes under the menswear category’s uniform theme.

It raises the question: where do you get 5000 computer keys?

“I sourced the computer keys from Planet Recycle on Latham Court (off K drive). They recycle a huge amount of electronic materials and were so kind helping me out with 70-plus computer keyboards.”

Vanin, nee Jack, who grew up in Tamahere’s Hart Rd and now lives in Cambridge, was “stoked” to be a finalist in the children’s section, with an imaginary friend theme.

Much else about their creations is hush-hush.

“We can’t say much about our entries until the show starts in September,” Jack said.

When they made the finals in 2014, they were interviewed on Seven Sharp. Click here to watch.


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