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Spotted a pot hole in the road, overflowing litter or fresh graffiti? Need to request information about a property or inquire about your latest water bill?
Now there’s an easier and more efficient way for you to tell the Waikato District Council about work that needs to be done in the district and to request information.

The council has introduced a new, online service that allows Waikato district residents and ratepayers to lodge requests through its website.

General Manager Customer Support Sue Duignan said customers can visit the request for service webpage here, select the appropriate category and be prompted to answer a few questions relating to their issue.

“Questions are tailored for each category so we get the right information at the first point of contact and we can resolve the issue faster. Customers can also choose if they would like to be kept informed about the outcome of a request and if they’d prefer contact by email or phone,” she said.

Duignan is enthusiastic about what the service will mean.

“It’s about making it easier for them and delivering on what we promise. We’re confident we will reduce the time involved in the process, achieve outcomes faster and make the process easier and more personalised.”

Duignan said the new, online function was a leading-edge service.

However, the council still urged customers with an urgent request, for example a dangerous dog or major water leak, to phone the council immediately on 0800 492 452.

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