Village people on show


A distinctive mural, designed by Tamahere School students to brighten their school, has gone a step further and brightened the neighbourhood.

Colourful folk brightening the school neighbourhood
Colourful folk brightening the school neighbourhood

Paling fence people, a sunny depiction of a row of 32 expressive and brightly attired people, went up recently on the school’s Devine Rd boundary.

Teacher Kerry Bennetts said the roadside mural, and two other artworks inside the school grounds, were the result of a challenge to senior students for ideas on how to put a bit of colour into the school grounds.

“The brief was that the students had to look around our school and come up with a proposal for a piece of outdoor artwork to brighten up our school,” Bennetts told Tamahere Forum.

“In small groups they presented their proposals and the group voted on their favourites.”

The projects that got the go ahead from the 56, Year 5 and 6 students were the people fence and two other colourful artworks now displayed in the grounds – tall totem poles and twisting, bottle top sculptures.

Bennetts said the students worked with a partner to design, then paint a fence paling each.

A modest budget was given a boost when Bunnings, Cambridge, sponsored the paint.

“The children were very proud of the finished project,” she said.

They have every right to be. The mural is a great addition to Tamahere.

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  • October 6, 2015 at 10:07 pm

    It is really a nice change to the area. Maybe a fund raiser for the school. I am interested and no doubt other locals would also be interested in these lovely paling fence faces.


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