Cherries top Tamahere Market


It will bring up a dozen years of bringing us the goods later this year and the Tamahere Market is still going strong.

cherriesThe market will start 2016 by putting a cherry on the top – lots of cherries, actually, brought in especially from the South Island along with another southern specialty – apricots.

“What more could you want?” asks veteran organiser Jane Manson before listing off a range of other tasty produce appearing at the market.

“Thank goodness those wonderful avocados that are a constant at Tamahere will be with us again along with fresh, organic, tangelo juice, and honey.”

Along with the fresh produce and cooked food the market will also have its tempting array of arts, crafts, and collectibles – always worth consideration for a place in our homes or as gifts.

Tamahere Market is held in the St Stephen’s church grounds, corner of Airport Rd and Tamahere Drive, from 8.30am to 1pm. For more information click here.

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