Cars hauled from Narrows


Nine full car bodies and assorted vehicle parts, as well as a small boat, have been hauled from stretches of the Waikato River, including the Narrows.

The clean out is part of a national police dive squad training exercise.

Two full car bodies were recovered from the Narrows, where the boat ramp has attracted a range of rubbish in recent years.

Seven more full car bodies were recovered near the Pukete boat ramp where a small boat was also found about 500 metres upstream.

The exercise, carried out with support from Waikato Regional Council and Hamilton City Council, was held over three days. It allowed dive squad members to practice their skills and had the added benefit of hauling wrecks from the river where they are a potential safety hazard.

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“The exercise has been a very valuable one for all the partners,” said the regional council’s maritime services team leader Richard Barnett.

“We’ve been very happy to support the police with their training and will work with them again in future on request. It’s also great to see some significant rubbish and potential navigation safety problems removed from the river.”

“The exercise allowed us to locate items we suspected were there but couldn’t be sure about,” said Mr Barnett.

The exercise involved the dive squad’s specialist vessel and a four wheel drive truck, a local police boat and a regional council vessel.

“Pooling our resources like this has had a really positive result for all parties,” Mr Barnett said.

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