Big challenges for homeless nursery


The Waikato District Council has heeded a community call for the homeless Tamahere Plant Nursery to continue to be able to make the central recreation reserve its home.

But some very big challenges lie ahead for the non-profit, community facility before its future can be assured.

Eviction day for the nursery is a very near April 13 from the buildings adjacent to the Tamahere Community Centre that it has occupied for more than 10 years.

They are due for demolition as part of the development of the new sports and recreation grounds.

With no new home to go to the volunteers who run the nursery, including founder Jan Simmons, are being forced to laboriously shift tens of thousands of plants to a number of temporary sites around the area.

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The Waikato District Council has heeded a call from the Tamahere Community Committee that the nursery is a community asset that deserves a home in the revamped sports and recreation reserve.

But before that can happen the nursery, which provides low cost native plants to Tamahere residents and a number of important Waikato reserves, will have to undergo a resource consent hearing, design a new building and raise $50,000 or more to cover the cost of erecting new premises.

It’s a daunting prospect for volunteers more used to digging deep for plant raising than fund or barn raising.

In some positive news for the stressed nursery volunteers, the council recently agreed to fund the cost of the resource consent process out of Tamahere Recreation Reserve funds.

And in other efforts, the volunteers have made a bid for $50,000 from the Community Wellbeing Trust, whose deadline was just last week on March 18. The trust only funds around four projects a year.

It seems it will be some time before the nursery is out of the woods.

2 thoughts on “Big challenges for homeless nursery

  • March 22, 2016 at 10:31 pm

    The WDC needs to wake up. When you look at the current development and the waste of money is a disgrace.

    When Devine road was extended huge amounts of money were wasted. Both suffered from the removal of storm water pipes and replaced with identical storm water pipes. You are talking many many thousands of dollars. The pipes became a part of the contractors booty.
    I was on the Tamahere committee when plans were drawn up for the reserve and I still have those plans. They show the Plant shed in that plan. What has changed with these plans and have the WDC just ignored the great community spirit that gets whacked yet again by the bureaucratic policies of the WDC?

  • March 22, 2016 at 9:00 pm

    So sad to see this is needed. I do not have the space to give them a site, but can house a lot of plants as a temporary measure.


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