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Two unique artists have come together for the first time to share new work inspired by nature with an exhibition at Tamahere’s Inspirit Gallery.

Annemieke Farmilo works with raw pounamu (greenstone), glass and other natural materials; Fiona Kerr Gedson’s works are mainly crafted from pheasant, peacock and turkey feathers.

Their joint show, By Nature, is at the Pencarrow Rd gallery from Saturday, April 30.

Annemieke Farmilo with Akau
Annemieke Farmilo with Akau

Farmilo painstakingly creates unusual and dynamic art works by arranging her natural materials into strong visual abstract forms depicting rugged New Zealand landscapes.

Beautiful Great Barrier Island provided recent inspiration.

“While on my summer holiday, sitting fishing in our boat, I drank in the colours of daybreak and sundown and the visual masterpiece of ocean meeting a barren rugged coast,” Farmilo said. “It is here reproduced in my art.”

From the solidity of pounamo to the delicacy of feathers, Kerr Gedson’s intricate patterns invite meditation or contemplation. It would not be hard to get lost in thought while viewing her pieces.

Fiona Kerr Gedson with Maths Mandala
Fiona Kerr Gedson with Maths Mandala

Farmilo and Kerr Gedson’s works are highly collectable and attract strong national and international interest. They are represented in private collections here and all over the world. Many pieces are exported to USA.

The exhibition runs until May 29.

Inspirit Studio & Gallery is at 360 Pencarrow Road, Tamahere. Click here for more details.

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