UFB survey crucial


More locals are urged to fill out the survey that could be crucial to bringing a super cyber highway to Tamahere.

Around 120 people turned out for a meeting on an initiative that could bring ultra-fast broadband (UFB) to Tamahere and Matangi, signalling strong local interest.

But only about 250 of 1400 survey forms on the issue have been returned, prompting a call for more people to give what’s likely to be influential feedback by this Friday (May 20).

Any residents can take part in the survey regardless of whether they got a survey form in the initial mail drop.

The Waikato District Council will send a survey form to any resident who wishes to complete it. Phone the council on 0800 492 592 or 07 824 8633 or email consult@waidc.govt.nz

To do the survey online visit http://consult.waidc.govt.nz/submission.aspx and select “Tamahere/Matangi Ultrafast Broadband” to make a submission.

Tamahere councillor Wally Hayes has urged locals to get involved with the survey, one of the key ways the council will gauge support for its initiative to build a case to put to central government for a subsidised roll out of ultra-fast broadband (UFB) in the area.

“This is our one and only opportunity in the foreseeable future to get ultra-fast broadband infrastructure rolled out in the higher density areas within the Tamahere and Matangi communities at an affordable price,” Hayes has said.

“To achieve this, we need to help ourselves and do this together. Having UFB will future proof our properties with what is now, for many people and businesses, core infrastructure.”

Hayes urged those filling out the survey to give a “strong show of support” by the deadline this Friday (May 20).

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The UFB advantage

Tamahere and Matangi now get broadband services through a mix of cellular, Wi-Fi, and copper telephone lines, which are at full capacity.

UFB delivered by fibre-optic cabling would significantly increase download and upload speeds, remove the current cap on capacity and dramatically improve the reliability of internet services, the council has said.

Fibre optic cables can carry large ‘packets’ of data at high speeds over long distances. This means fibre-based UFB provides substantially greater future proofing than any other type of internet service.

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