New rubbish era dawns

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This week marks the last rubbish collection before Tamahere residents need to use a pre-paid sticker on all bags for them to be picked up.

The new system comes into effect on Friday, July 1, just a day after Thursday’s regular rubbish day in Tamahere.

A number of retailers have been added to the list of those stocking the pre-paid stickers, including most supermarkets that serve the area. See the full list here.

Booklets outlining the new-look service along with an additional recycling bin have been delivered to Tamahere residents over the last few weeks. The aim is reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill in the Waikato district.

The pre-paid stickers carry a recommended retail price (RRP) of $1.50 but retailers can choose to charge more than that.

At the same time as residents pay per bag their targeted rates for rubbish have been reduced – from $213.36 to $127.83 per year.

The money from the stickers will cover the cost of production and distribution with the balance going toward the collection costs that are not fully recovered in the rates charges, says the Waikato District Council.

Recycling expands

A growing number of items can go into the two recycling bins per household from an expanded range of plastic – number 5 type plastic has been added to numbers 1 and 2 – to pizza boxes (cleaned) and aerosol cans. A guide is below.

Recycling guide

Soft plastic bags are now being recycled through collections at supermarkets and The Warehouse.

For more information see Less Waste Saves More

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