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A public meeting to give Tamahere locals a chance to meet candidates in the upcoming local body elections is to be held on Tuesday, September 13.

The meeting, in the Tamahere Community Centre at 7.30pm, will give voters an opportunity to hear from the two people standing for the Tamahere ward as well as those vying for the Waikato district’s mayoral chains.

The evening will be hosted by the Tamahere Community Committee.

In the Tamahere ward’s first contested election since 2007 the candidates are local residents Aksel Jepsen and Donna Nichols, who is also standing for mayor.

The other mayoral candidates are incumbent Allan Sanson, departing Tamahere ward councillor Wally Hayes, John Deacon, and Brian Cathro.

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Just in time

The timely meeting will take place just days before electors voting documents are expected to arrive by post, between September 16 and 21.

As well as voting for a mayor and councillors electors will also be voting for representatives on the Waikato Regional Council and Waikato District Health Board.

To make sure votes count they need to be posted by Wednesday, October 5 to be received in time for election day on Saturday, October 8.

Votes can also be hand delivered to a ballot box during the voting period, Friday September 16 to noon Saturday, October 8.

For ballot box locations and more voting details click here for the Vote Waikato website.

5 thoughts on “Meet the candidates

  • September 16, 2016 at 9:27 am

    As a candidate for Waikato Regional Council, I would have enjoyed attending Tamahere on 13th September, but sadly, the first I knew of it was Wally’s Facebook post the next day. Regional Council is much lower profile than WDC, but it’s very important, and deals with big issues. On Monday 12th I was at Aka Aka in the northwest. On Tuesday I was at a seminar on the Hauraki Gulf (a key part of WRC’s work). On Thursday 15th, I was at Karapiro, where WRC made the (much debated and contentious) decision to adopt the Healthy Rivers plan change and notify it for public submissions. Regional Council is important, so don’t forget to vote – preferably for me.

      • September 17, 2016 at 5:47 pm

        Thanks Tamahere Forum – I thought you might say that. Have to be on my toes when dealing with Tamahere!! Alas, I realised my omission too late.

  • September 8, 2016 at 10:16 am

    I agree Sue. I know its hard to get excited about local body elections everyone, but please, at the very least, make the effort to vote in these coming elections. Historically Waikato District Council has a really poor voter turnout, with Allan Sanson elected Mayor in 2013 with only 4,418 votes. This means we have a real opportunity to effect much needed positive change within the Waikato District Council by supporting our outgoing local councillor Wally Hayes bid for Mayor. During Wally’s tenure Tamahere has secured the much needed investment from council to the develop the Tamahere Recreation Reserve and Village hub, but Wally’s passion for the Waikato area definitely isn’t limited to Tamahere, so just imagine what he could achieve as Mayor in terms of economic development for the rest of the Waikato District. Hope we see you next Tuesday. 🙂

  • September 6, 2016 at 10:11 am

    Get behind this meeting Tamahere voters. This is a chance to have a say in our local government for the next three years. We had a fabulous turnout at the public meeting about Ultra fast broadband, and some great questions and answers. The governance of our district, and the progress and wellbeing of our wards and their people is surely as or more important. There was very low voter participation in the last local body
    elections and this time we in Tamahere need to make sure that we take an interest, and vote. We are the southern most ward in a geographically large district. Lets make sure we all vote. Looking forward to seeing you all at the Meet the Candidates Meeting.


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