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Tamahere School librarian Theresa Kewish has issued 16,000 books this year and believes everyone can read for pleasure.

The key is to find the right book or series and hook for a particular child.

It is a personalised journey finding the genre, author or style of book to fit a particular taste.

Tamahere School pupils dressed as their favourite book character
Tamahere School pupils dressed as their favourite book character

It is important to have someone with the knowledge of children’s literature to help guide them on their reading journey that will hopefully last for their lifetime, Kewish told reporter Mike Bain.

‚ÄčThe Harry Potter series resonated with children and Kewish likened the series to stepping stones that lead from one book to another. They are stories with familiar backgrounds and characters that become friends.

Modern series like the Storey tree house books by Andy Griffiths, Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan, Wimpy Kid diaries series and Geronimo Stilton to name just a few are well read.

New formula fiction books which have less words, different fonts of different sizes and more cartoon illustrations are popular with reluctant boy readers.

Humour is always a winner for children’s books.

“Six of the top ten most read books this year in our library are books by David Walliams,” Kewish said.

“They are not only enjoying the modern humorous books with relish but are discovering and loving the classics as well.

“Pippi Longstockings, Roald Dahl and all books by Enid Blyton are still firm favourites being read,” said Kewish.

Graphic novels are well loved. New Zealand authors are also popular, Stacy Gregg, Des Hunt, and Joy Cowley to name just a few.

Over her eight years career, she has had the e-reader vs book discussion with children.

The majority agree they prefer books but love the e-readers for travelling.

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