EV charger network expands


Waikato electric vehicle (EV) drivers can now confidently put Raglan on their list of destinations as WEL Networks expands its fast charger network.

WEL Network is putting in four new fast chargers for electric vehicles
WEL Network is putting in four new fast chargers for electric vehicles
WEL has worked with the Waikato District Council to provide the central Raglan charger, which should be operational in time for EV-driving summer holidaymakers.

The Raglan site is one of four new EV fast chargers in the Waikato that WEL is installing to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles.

WEL Networks Asset Management General Manager Paul Blue said the Waikato District Council had allocated a dedicated space for the Raglan unit in a parking area next to the Raglan Town Hall.

Waikato District Mayor Allan Sanson said the council was pleased to have EV charging stations situated in the district.

“EV charging stations are a necessary support for the switch to electrical vehicles and we want our district to be included in the flow-on economic and environmental benefits the switch will bring.”

WEL is also installing fast chargers in Te Kauwhata and Innovation Park, with a fourth scheduled for installation in central Hamilton in the New Year.

Blue said the business decision to install additional chargers around the region highlighted WEL’s commitment to help expand the electric vehicle footprint.

“We’re starting to see the emergence of electric vehicles on our roads and while still in its infancy (there’s around 1300 EVs and 8 different models available), we do expect use of EVs to grow significantly.

“Understandably though, there is apprehension around the distance electric vehicles can travel between charging so the geographical spread of sites will help alleviate those concerns.

“For example, the Te Kauwhata site is conveniently situated next to the turn-off on State Highway 1, it has plenty of parking space, it takes about 15 minutes to fully charge the vehicle and best of all, it’s free to use. We’re sure it will help overcome any potential anxiety people may have about travelling between Auckland and Hamilton.

“Adding the Raglan location will also allow EV holiday makers to divert from the main highway, bringing additional economic benefits to the community.

“Like all of our fast charger sites the Raglan location will be included in a national EV charging network that can be found on the web or via the cell phone app PlugShare. Once they’re in Raglan the central location will be easy to access, a full charge only takes 15 minutes and it’s free to use.”

WEL already has a publicly available fast charger at its Maui St, Te Rapa office.

  • Disclosure: Writer Philippa Stevenson is a Nissan Leaf EV owner and is delighted the expansion of the charging network will mean trips to more destinations can be confidently undertaken from Tamahere.

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