More Newell Rd blockage to come


More disruption to traffic at the State Highway 1 – Newell Rd intersection is expected as reconstruction of the crumbling culvert under SH1 winds up.

More than $769,000 worth of repairs of the colourfully named Dreadnought Culvert began just over a week ago and is expected to finish, depending on weather, in about a week’s time.

A large amount of heavy machinery, including a crane, has been needed for the reconstruction, requiring Newell Rd to be closed off at the intersection with SH1 as it was moved in.

Heavy machinery is working to reconstruct the Dreadnought Culvert under SH1 north of the Newell Rd intersection
Heavy machinery is working to reconstruct the crumbling Dreadnought Culvert under SH1 north of the Newell Rd intersection

More partial blockage or full closure of the intersection is likely over three days when the machinery is removed, probably mid to late next week.

The culvert, about 50 metres north of the SH 1 – Newell Rd intersection, carries the Mangaonua Stream and much of its reconstruction has been largely out of sight below road level.

NZTA said the work, being done by contractors Brian Perry Civil, was preventative maintenance on a structure that had been in place for many years and had been found to be degraded.

The three quarters of a million dollar repair job would return the structure to “original purpose requirements,” NZTA said.

The work would “assist in ensuring that this section of State Highway 1 is not impeded unexpectedly in the future,” the agency said.

2 thoughts on “More Newell Rd blockage to come

  • April 20, 2021 at 2:51 pm

    While you have the heavy machines please fix the footpath it’s so dangerous!!!

    • April 20, 2021 at 8:23 pm

      Hi Colin, this story dates from 2017 so the heavy machines have long gone. But I agree the footpath is very poor and put in a request to Waikato District Council recently to ask them to improve it. Some patching work was done on the tarseal on the road edge but actually there is no formed path down the hill. Apparently, the whole matter will be addressed as part of the expressway work. There are some suggestions in this story about who to contact about local issues.


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