Easter trading gets support


All retail shops in the Waikato district will be able to open on Easter Sunday if a recommendation by a council committee gets full council approval.

The Waikato District Council Policy and Regulatory Committee today recommended that the Proposed Easter Trading Policy 2017 is adopted at the full council meeting in April.

The majority of submissions on the policy – 656 of 1268 or 51% – were in favour of shops being able to open on Easter Sunday.

Whether they do open or not is up to the business owner.

Most of those opposed to the policy cited religious reasons, preserving community culture or to make sure workers had a break.

During the committee meeting today it was acknowledged that the submissions were very evenly split. The views of those opposing the policy were discussed in detail as well as the benefits of giving shop owners the choice to open.

The decision to recommend the policy for adoption was passed with eight members in support and four opposed. The policy will ensure that individual business owners can make their own choice as well as ensuring a consistent approach across the district.

The proposal will now go to the Policy and Regulatory Committee meeting on March 21 and to the full council meeting on April 10.

For more information, including the draft policy and Statement of Proposal, visit the Waikato District Council website. The Statement of Proposal includes information about shops that can open now, and what shops would be able to open.

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