Debate starts on Waikato’s future


Discussions about the long term future of the Waikato district – to be captured in a 10-year plan designed to provide a blueprint for future development – have begun.

BNZ Chief Economist Tony Alexander
BNZ Chief Economist Tony Alexander

Waikato District councillors, community board and community committee members attended a workshop yesterday facilitated by BNZ Chief Economist Tony Alexander.

The district council will prepare a draft Long Term Plan 2018-28 over the next 15 months and the community will be invited to have a say on it in March/April 2018.

It is then expected to be finalised and adopted in June 2018.

Waikato Mayor Allan Sanson said the workshop was designed to encourage the council to think freely and to share ideas about what the Waikato district might look like in 20 to 30 years’ time.

“Tony Alexander helped provide insight into the current, socio-economic landscape, what things may look like in the future, and how these factors may shape our district’s future challenges and opportunities,” Sanson said in a statement.

The Long Term Plan is an important financial and community planning document that every council must produce every three years. It sets the direction the council is to head for the next 10 years by establishing agreed community outcomes and goals. It describes the council’s proposed activities across the district to support these outcomes and outlines how the activities will be managed, delivered and funded.

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