Support for Tamahere ANZAC Day

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A proposal to commemorate Anzac Day locally, in Tamahere, in years to come is gaining support.

The Tamahere Roll of Honour

The Tamahere Lions Club and Tamahere councillor Aksel Bech are two who have backed the idea after it was raised here last week.

The proponents of the idea, St Stephen’s Tamahere vicar Ellen Bernstein and Waikato Green Party candidate and Tamahere resident Philippa Stevenson, are delighted.

The Tamahere Lions dubbed it a “fabulous suggestion” and offered to assist with the coordination and organisation of “such a special event in the community”.

Councillor Bech said the day was an important one for Tamahere School students and he would take the idea up with the Board of Trustees.

“I am sure they would be very keen to link in with a wider community ceremony or commemoration,” he said.

Bev Butler has attended the Anzac ceremony at Tamahere Eventide Village in the past, and found it very moving and relevant.

She suggested combining the Eventide village’s ceremony with a community commemoration.

Rev Bernstein welcomed the positive feedback.

“St Stephen’s is fully behind it as well, and I think an Anzac commemoration in Tamahere will be a brilliant expression of our history and the connections we share.”

Another suggestion that arose from discussion was for a community meal to be shared after the ceremony as is done in the tiny Hawkes Bay community of Wimbledon – permanent population 10.

This year the small community hosted 150 for its Anzac Day service, followed by a free lunch at the Wimbledon Tavern, reported Radio NZ’s Country Life programme.

Stevenson welcomed the idea. “It would be another great way for the community to come together and continue to share what Anzac Day means to us all.”

Tamahere men who fought and died in World War I number 27, as recorded on the roll of honour displayed in the Tamahere Community Centre. Twenty-one served in World War II.

If locals have more thoughts on the idea, please comment below or email Philippa Stevenson or email Rev Bernstein.

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4 Comments to “Support for Tamahere ANZAC Day”

  1. Aksel Bech says:

    As your local elected representative, I am delighted to accept James’ invitation for me to address the assembled crowd to share a few of my reflections on……just joking. James -spot on. Back to basics and a focus on the sacrifice made -and I have now raised it with the School who are fully supportive and keen to be involved. The Principal will pick this up now -and let’s see what we can get underway as a new but hopefully regular part of the Tamahere calendar.

    • Philippa Stevenson says:

      Thanks for the follow up and feedback, Aksel. It’s really heartening that this idea has been welcomed by so many. It’s looking like Anzac Day 2018 could be a local event. Wonderful.

  2. James Yearsley says:

    Excellent idea! I’m ex-Army and think it is important to have ANZAC and Remembrance Day commemorations within your own community. It means a lot more to everyone that way. I have attended services in either Cambridge or Hamilton, both Dawn Service and Civic Services, every year and I think it is a great idea to actually do these things correctly. They have been hijacked somewhat in recent years by too much ‘fluff’ and too many dignitaries wanted to have a say. Speaking on the day should be reserved for the Chaplain and a Services representative such as the RSA and little more than that. The key is to get people there and remembering what our predecessors gave for us and that is more around getting the Community together and talking to each other…not listening to others speak, as well meaning as they are. Back to the basics methinks of comradeship and community. That is what old soldiers would really want and why they sacrificed, and continue to sacrifice so much. An opportunity for Tamahere to lead the way.

    • Philippa Stevenson says:

      Thanks for your support and thoughts, James. Sounds like a good idea to keep the windbag quotient low.

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