Taylor takes rubbish prize


It’s Plastic Free July and we can think of no better example of rubbish reduction than Annette Taylor of our sister site Number 8 Network.

“I might well put out a rubbish bag this week, the first in over a year,” writes Annette, editor of Number 8 Network.

“When Waikato District Council introduced changes to its collection a friend [that would be me: Tamahere Forum Ed] challenged us to a little friendly rubbish rivalry – who could produce the least amount of trash.

“Our household of one cat, two adults and from time to time, a daughter and her assorted friends, accepted and found it surprisingly easy to reduce our output to – tah dah – one bag in 12 months.”

Ok, so I, the aforementioned challenger, Philippa Stevenson, Tamahere Forum’s editor, have not done so well. Our household rubbish has definitely reduced but we probably put out a bag about every three weeks. We work hard to bring in as little plastic to the household as we can, recycle everything possible but Annette’s effort is truly extraordinary.

Annette, you win!

But, hey, how about the same challenge for another year? Are you in?

Who else has reduced their rubbish? What are your tips and tricks?

See more here about Plastic Free July.

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