WDC launches cadet scheme


The Waikato District Council has moved to create employment opportunities for civil engineering students in partnership with Wintec.

Cadets from Wintec will be gaining practical civil engineering operational experience in areas of Waikato District Council’s business, including roading.

The two organisations will launch a cadetship programme next year which will aim to support and develop students through a programme of on-the-job work packages and specific training.

The council will recruit cadets from Wintec year one and two students this year to launch the scheme for the 2018 study year.

The cadetship will be open to Wintec students studying the civil elements of the New Zealand Diploma in Engineering and the Bachelor of Engineering Technology courses.

Within two years, the aim is to have six Wintec student placements with the council, which will pay their salary during the cadetships, as well as funding course fees.

Under the scheme, students will work and study part-time for two years before completing one year of bonded employment with the council.

Successful cadets will be placed in various teams within the council including roading, waters, parks and facilities, land development, and programme delivery.

As well as gaining practical civil engineering operational experience, they will learn skills in project management, managing budgets, ethics and contract management.

Cadets will also be supported by mentors throughout the programme.

Council staff will be on campus at Wintec on August 2 to talk to students directly about the details of the cadetship.

Details of how to apply will be given to students on the day. They will also be available on www.findyourplace.co.nz later this year.

“We’re delighted to work with Wintec on this scheme and we regard this as an effective recruitment tool,” says Waikato District Council’s General Manager Service Delivery Tim Harty.

“Council is considered to be a perfect training ground for students to develop a range of skills, knowledge and technical experience.

“The cadetship will provide real-life practical experiences as well as the opportunity to be immersed in a range of areas relevant to the cadet’s specific area of study.”

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