Youth group swings into action


The Tamahere youth action group’s labours are likely to bear fruit for many years to come.

In its first outing, the new group planted 22 fruit trees along the boundary of the Tamahere School and the recreation reserve today.

Joined by Tamahere councillor Aksel Bech the group planted pear, apple, plum, mandarin and feijoa trees.

The Tamahere youth action group gathers for its first outing … with senior helpers

The group led by Leah McElligott and helped by Lean’s father Dean and local conservationist Leo Koppens started their work by cutting up recycled carpet to use as weed mats around the base of the trees.

After a short lesson in tree planting, the seven-strong group then set about planting the fruit trees for generations of Tamahere residents to come.

A quick lesson in tree planting then it was down to action.

The Waikato District Council has been supporting and encouraging the formation of youth groups around the district, including by holding annual youth awards.

The council’s Youth Engagement Advisor Shannon Kelly was appointed under the council’s Youth Engagement Plan. She has helped young volunteers in the district become involved in a wide range of activities including helping with the inaugural youth awards and providing input into community and leisure facilities.

Some even stood for election in the local body elections last year resulting in Waikato District youth award winner Sharnay Ormsby Cocup capturing a seat on the Taupiri Community Board.

If you would like to join the youth action group in Tamahere, contact Shannon Kelly on 027 405 6450.

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