Fined Regal vacates reserve

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Regal Haulage will this week permanently vacate the Tamahere Reserve, closing the truck wash which earned it $1500 in fines from the Waikato Regional Council earlier this year.

Most but not all dumped rubbish had been cleared from the site in early October

The regional council closed down the rubbish-strewn Tauwhare Rd site temporarily in February after local resident Owen Trolove raised concerns it was polluting the Mangaone Stream.

In March, after an investigation the company was found to have breached both its consent and an already issued abatement notice – two infringments each earning a fine of $750.

The Waikato District Council, which leased the 8600 sq m area to Regal for $4250 a year, said at the time that it would await the outcome of the regional council’s investigation before doing anything.

The rental agreement, originally for a five year term but since 2007 continued on a month by month basis, required Regal to keep the land “free from litter or other unsightly or offensive material” as well as “keep all buildings, fences, gates, drains and other improvements … in good order, condition and repair”.

The dump-like state of the site in February was anything but “in good order, condition and repair” and belied the company’s mission of having “minimal impact on the environment”.

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At the October meeting of the Tamahere Community Committee, the council’s General Manager Service Delivery Tim Harty said that Regal had given up the lease and would vacate the site by Friday, October 27.

Regal’s mission of having minimum environment impact was at odds with its trash-strewn truck wash within a nature reserve

Earlier in October, Tamahere Forum visited the site, a plateau within the 4.6ha Tamahere Reserve, to find much of the rubbish of former days gone. The area had been largely but not completely cleared of the broken down sheds, concrete rubble, timber, bricks, tyres, metal and general trash such as plastic rubbish bags and bottles that had covered the area at the beginning of the year.

The rickety, plastic piping which formed the truck wash’s drainage system was still in place.

Tamahere Councillor Aksel Bech said he expected council staff would inspect the site to ensure it was handed back in a clean and tidy state.

In time, the Tamahere community would be asked to suggest ideas for the future use of the area, he said.

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4 Comments to “Fined Regal vacates reserve”

  1. Shenagh Gleeson says:

    That’s very good news

  2. Samila says:

    What is likely to happen to the site once regal go?

    • Philippa Stevenson says:

      In the last line of the story Cr Aksel Bech said that the community will be asked for suggestions for the future use of the area.

      • Aksel Bech says:

        Hi Samila

        Yes, as Philippa has correctly said, “where to next” will be an agenda item for discussion early in the new year for the Tamahere Community Committee -and I am sure they would welcome any ideas as to what our thoughts on the uses for that area might be.

        The rental income previously collected as only a little over 4K per year so there is not a strong drive for their to be a commercial activity on that site -we, as a community- might like to think about other uses that would be of greater social amenity to local residents.

        Thanks for your interest.


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