Hole scores golf course


The Narrows golf course has scored a giant hole in one … on one of it’s fairways.

Normally, it’s golfers who go for the rarity but thanks to a late November deluge it was the course itself that sunk the big time.

The giant crater (pictured) appeared at the Narrows Course’s 11th fairway on Wednesday, November 29 after a huge amount of rain, Riverside’s administration manager Kat Grinter told Tamahere Forum.

The Narrows golf course and its giant hole .. in one fairway

“There was such a huge amount of water on the course and that’s where it had to drop off,” she said of the mammoth rift carved into the earth.

The photograph shows two men standing in the gully-like hole are dwarfed by banks that tower over them.

Grinter said the hole would be filled in though she wasn’t sure when that would take place.

“We will have to move the tees in front of it once work starts.”

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