Young team help extend boardwalk


Work is underway on a major, 100m extension of the Tamahere Reserve’s network of boardwalks.

Funded by a $13,000 grant from the Waikato District Community Wellbeing Trust, the hard work of lugging tonnes of timber on site is being done by local youngsters.

Team leader Alex, left, with Jet, Jaden, Emerson and Hannah take a break from lugging timber. Gavin Burns is standing at rear (obscured).

The group, pictured, are transporting the timber by hand and on wheelbarrows in the challenging terrain for the boardwalk, which will be built by the Tamahere Mangaone Restoration Trust.

Construction will be overseen by local man Gavin Burns for the trust.

Trust spokesman Leo Koppens said he was most impressed by the spirit of the hard working kids, aged around 15.

“It’s great they’ve taken on this task and we’re very grateful to them,” he said.

“It looks like there will be 20 tonnes of timber to be shifted deep into the reserve and that’s no mean task.”

More information on the Tamahere Reserve here.

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