Appeal over Icepak site


An appeal has been lodged on the decision to decline a precedent-setting residential subdivision on the the former Icepak Coolstores site.

The site owner, former Icepak director Wayne Grattan, is appealing the resource consent decision by an independent commissioner on grounds including that undue weight was put on the precedent-setting nature of the subdivision.

Waikato District Council Hearing Commissioner David Hill said in January that the application to subdivide the 2.1ha Devine Rd block into six lots could not be justified.

The lots would all be less than the 5,000 square metres provided in the district plan in the Tamahere Country Living Zone, which has been in place for 20 years.

Informed by Grattan during the hearing that the project could viably go ahead with fewer lots, Commissioner Hill said in his decision that he was “not inclined to attach too much weight to the prospect that without a 6-lot subdivision the site is likely to remain undeveloped for another substantial period of time.”

The appeal argues that because of the site’s current derelict state, remediating and restoring the site will have social and community benefits that would not arise for any other site within the zone.

A date for the appeal to be heard has not been set.

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