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By Matt Bentley

If you’ve got some old computer equipment to get rid of I can recommend Dave from RecycleIT in Frankton.

It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s working. He will reuse, recycle and/or strip computer equipment for parts, and in some cases will even do pick-ups from your address.

The caveat to that is CRT monitors and TV screens, the big old clunky ones.

Those need to be taken into the shop at the recycling centre in Frankton, where for $5 they will be recycled properly. This style of monitor contains many harmful substances like lead and mercury. As far as I know these are not taken with the inorganic rubbish collections.

Other electronics, like metal waste in general, can be taken into most metal recyclers and exchanged for a bit of pocket change. I personally use Scrap Palace in Hamilton. This includes items like dishwashers, stereos and rusty old heaters.

As for the rest, here’s places to take stuff:
Batteries (car or otherwise): Most metal recyclers will take these.
Clothing/Toys/Bikes/etc: I tend to drop off to the Sallies, but there’s Hospice, Red Cross, Vinnies, Habitat for Humanity, you name it.
Clean rags/scrap material: Either the SPCA in Te Rapa (they get used for cleaning cages), or a local car mechanic might need rags on an ongoing basis to get the grease off their hands.
Food scraps: Know a pig farmer? (Or dig a compost hole next to the garden, line the sides and top with wood to keep the rats out)
Cardboard/paper: The recycling collection services in the Waikato will pick up a box of paper/cardboard approximately the size of your recycling bin, as well as what’s in your recycling bin. Just flatten any boxes.
General items/materials: Sometimes Trademe is useful if the stuff is valuable, but if it’s not (or you’ve been burned by Trademe in the past), Freecycle is an online recycling network where you can list stuff you want to get rid of, as well as find stuff you might want – anything from wooden pallets to computer monitors. The Hamilton group is here:

A new enterprise that urges people to ‘don’t bin it – share it’ is Free for All.

I was inspired to write this by the amount of good quality materials I see going to waste or left to rot in the rain whenever the inorganic recycling season starts locally. By comparison, with a very small amount of effort you can possibly save someone else a heck of a lot of time and energy.

* Matt Bentley is the computer repair expert with Waikato Home PC Support. He has 20 years experience in computer hardware and software and his services include virus removal, PC optimisation, inspection and repair.

Matt writes a semi-regular column for Tamahere Forum on computer matters. Check out his website here for contact details.


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