Dump on dumpers


Last year fly tippers prompted 746 calls to the Waikato District Council – more than two every day.

The illegal dumping of rubbish is such a big and costly problem in the district the council has moved to make it easier for people to report on it.

The council has added a Facebook Group to the methods people can use to dump on dodgy dumpers.

Anyone caught illegally dumping earns a $400 fine but the council needs help to find those responsible, it said when announcing the Facebook Group aptly named Dodgy Dumpers.

As well as reporting illegal rubbish dumps, the Facebook Group would also allow people to talk directly to the council’s illegal dumping team, the council said.

Information useful to the team include details of the vehicles involved in the dumping, such as registration plate, colour, make and model. Photographs are also very useful.

For safety reasons, and for the council to investigate, it asks that people leave the dumped material as it is and not touch it.

The Facebook Group Dodgy Dumpers can be joined here.

Illegal dumping can also be reported here on an online form or phone 0800 492 452.

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