Call for Tamahere priorities


The next phase of consultation between Tamahere and the Waikato District Council has begun on locals’ priorities for their area.

Tamahere people have until April 8 to express their views online and at a community meeting later this month.

The council is now calling for Tamahere’s top three priorities on issues such as a footbridge across Airport Rd, a zero waste initiative at the new shopping centre, and the re-zoning of some land from rural to village.

It is the next stage of feedback on the council’s district-wide Blueprint which began with a workshop last October.

Feedback can be given here online.

A drop-in session will also be held at the Tamahere Community Centre on March 26, from 2pm to 6pm.

The priorities that arise from the process will then be used by the council in its decision-making.

Tamahere people are being asked for their priorities for the area’s development

The Blueprint process is a new and different approach to planning across the entire district for the council.

It aims to “bring life to Council’s vision of creating “Liveable, Thriving and Connected Communities” – “He noohanga aahuru, he iwi whai ora, he hapori tuuhono tahi”, the council said in a statement.

General Manager Community Growth Clive Morgan said the Blueprint would inform major council strategies like the drafting of future Long Term Plans while also identifying community led initiatives and projects.

The drafting of the Blueprint had been a co-design approach between the council and the community, Morgan said.

“We’ve had great community support in getting the Blueprint to this stage and we’re now sharing the draft back with our communities to check we have captured their ideas correctly.”

Workshops were held in 10 of the district’s towns, including Tamahere, between July and November 2018.

The council heard from around 400 residents about what issues and ideas they had for their towns.

The Blueprint might not include every idea that was raised at the workshops and it might include ideas that the council was not yet in a position to implement, Morgan said.

“It may also include projects that the council might not fund. Instead, the council might take a support role and ask other agencies to deliver it, or the community themselves may take on some of the projects” he said.

One thought on “Call for Tamahere priorities

  • April 3, 2019 at 9:09 am

    Please take the opportunity to submit with your priorities for Tamahere as we try to guide development over the next 30 or so years; what do we value -what do we need more of?

    Submit on-line by April 8th using the link in the article above -and WDC and I will also be at Pumpkin Night this Saturday from 3pm to about 5pm. Feel free to stop by and have a look at the draft BluePrint and give your feedback.




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