Dep mayor Fulton to step down


Waikato District Deputy Mayor Dynes Fulton is stepping down from the council after 15 years.

Dynes Fulton

Fulton, who is Hukanui-Waerenga ward councillor, has served five terms and will not be seeking re-election at this year’s local body elections, he told Number 8 Network.

“This is an appropriate time in my life now to do other things,” he said.

“It’s not just a continuation of one more year, but a commitment to another term of three years. I’m very happy with the contributions I’ve made to council and the community, and this feels a good place to step off from.”

The local Government elections are to be held on Saturday, October 12.

Fulton said that giving early notice of his decision not to stand would give anyone aspiring to become the ward councillor sufficient time to prepare themselves and get a campaign underway.

“In my mind, serving the community is a very fulfilling and challenging role, but with immense rewards.

“I’m very happy to talk with and help anyone who wishes to seek election. They just need to get in touch. It’s been a privilege to be involved at this level. Waikato District Council is in a very good space and performing extremely well in local government.”

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