More pleas to stop weed


A renewed plea for locals to help eradicate a horrible weed that is invading the area has been made.

Yellow Bristle Grass is invading Tamahere

In early 2017, local Ele Duncan urged residents to be on the look out for Yellow Bristle Grass and now the Tamahere Community Committee has joined the call.

It is becoming an invasive problem for farmers and is in Tamahere verges where the Waikato District Council does not spray, TCC said at its recent meeting.

The committee urged residents to spray their boundary areas.

Ele Duncan warned that Bristle Grass is a prolific seeder.

“It spreads rapidly along the roadsides, in particular, as roadside mowing spreads the seeds as do birds. The expressway through Tamahere is thick with it and it’s spreading around other roads fast.

“It can be easily controlled on the roadside but once it gets into pasture it’s very expensive to control.”

Once established, yellow bristle grass is a prolific seeder and becomes dominant in a paddock within a few years. Seeds can stay in the ground for up to ten years.

It’s also an issue in animal health as there is evidence that seed heads can cause lesions and ulcers in the mouths of grazing animals.

It’s easily sprayed with Roundup/Glyphosate on the roadside – ideally before the seeds form. Once it’s in paddocks spraying becomes expensive.

It can be pulled out by hand before the seeds drop.

“If you see it, please help our community control it and either spray it or pull it out and dispose of it so that the seeds don’t spread,” Ele urged.

One thought on “More pleas to stop weed

  • April 5, 2021 at 6:07 pm

    Yellow Bristle Grass is a serious problem which the Waikato Regional Council acknowledges with the comment that “it has overwhelmed us”

    The way to control this weed is to:
    * cut the grass on our property road berms so that this grass can not flower or form a seed head (Nov though to April)
    * spray this grass with “Dockstar” … a herbicide specifically formulated by Nufarm ( to kill Yellow Bristle Grass, WITHOUT KILLING GOOD GRASSES
    * avoid using glysophate to spray Yellow Bristle Grass as it ‘opens up’ the soil surface and allows the seed to flourish … unless you plant good grass in the soil in Autumn (Spring is OK so long as there is moisture available – rain or sprinklers) so that it can establish and crowd out the weeds


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