Look out for voting papers


Local government voters will be able to cast their votes in the 2019 Waikato District and Waikato Regional Council elections from today.

Voting papers are in the mail and expected to be delivered by Wednesday, September 25.

People who have not received their papers by then should contact Waikato District Council Electoral Officer Dale Ofsoske on 0800 922 822 or visit one of the council offices.

Completed voting papers must be received before midday on Election Day, Saturday, October 12 and can either be returned via post or dropped into a ballot box at any of the council offices.

The voting papers for the Waikato District Council elections will use the First Past the Post (FPP) voting systems. For the FPP system, voters are required to put a tick alongside the candidate(s) they wish to vote for (up to the number of vacancies). Voting papers will contain clear instructions on how to vote.

While 90% of eligible Waikato district voters have enrolled to vote and will be receiving their voting papers, nearly 6,000 eligible voters are not enrolled.

“Although electoral rolls have now closed, people can still enrol to vote. However, they will need to request special voting papers,” Waikato District Council Chief Gavin Ion said.

“Voting closes at midday on Saturday 12 October. I would encourage anyone who has not yet enrolled to do so and cast a special vote. It’s their opportunity to have a say on how the Waikato district is run over the next three years.”

Ion also wanted to remind voters that they didn’t need to be home owners to cast a vote. “You don’t need to be a ratepayer to vote in local elections. Every resident over the age of 18 has the opportunity to have a say on who represents them and their community.”

Enrolment forms and information are available from any council office.

Waikato District Council will be announcing shortly the locations for its popular mobile voting stations. The initiative was first run as part of the 2016 elections and will be back again in 2019.

The mobile voting stations will be popping up around the district in late September and early October. They are an alternative place for voters to drop off their voting papers and will be in strategic locations. Keep an eye out on the council’s website and social media pages for the exact locations in the coming days.

In 2016, Waikato District Council recorded a low 30.6% turnout for elections.

To read the views of Waikato District mayoral candidates go here; for Waikato Regional Council candidates go here; and for the views of WDC Tamahere ward councillor Aksel Bech (re-elected unopposed) go here.

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