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What are the views of Waikato district mayoral candidates of themselves, the environment and sustainability and more?

Tamahere Forum put questions to the three mayoral candidates and has drawn together online information to bring you a picture of the hopefuls.

This is the question we put to the three candidates.

Collectively, we have done so little for so long to address rising carbon emissions in the atmosphere that what was once called ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’ is now considered a climate crisis. Governments around the world and councils around the country are declaring a “climate (and ecological) emergency” and devising action steps to tackle it.

If you are elected what action(s) will you champion to address the issues of sustainability and the environment?

Allan Sanson responded with the following statement:

WDC mayoral candidate Allan Sanson

Waikato District Council is already involved in climate change mitigation. We started this a number of years ago and the issue makes up a large portion of our thinking around natural hazards in our district.

Some of the affects we have identified as part of this process are sea-level rises and we are dealing with a current situation at Port Waikato where we have to retreat from a popular access point at Sunset Beach.

Another area we have identified as part of this process is also mitigating flooding that can be derived from adverse weather conditions.

Currently we have begun a review of our Solid Waste Strategy which will have us looking at at number of new innovative ways of dealing with all aspects of waste including the traditional waste, but also food waste on a district wide approach.

Number 8 Network features a Q&A with Allan Sanson here.

Korikori Hawkins is yet to respond to our request.

WDC mayoral candidate Korikori Hawkins


Number 8 Network features a Q&A with Korikori Hawkins here.






Simon Thomson is yet to respond to our request.

WDC mayoral candidate Simon Thomson





Profiles of all three mayoral candidates are here.

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