TCC agm – chance to step up


The annual meeting and elections for a new Tamahere Community Committee are on this Wednesday, October 23 at 7.30pm.

Nominations can be made from the floor on the night for the committee, which is the guardian and watchdog for the Tamahere community.

Committee members are community-minded residents who want to help shape the style and nature of their area and its services and facilities.

Several members who have given long service to the community are not seeking re-election leaving the field open for new, keen locals to join the committee.

Community committees are designed to ensure that residents within a ward have a voice to represent the views of the community to the Waikato District Council.

It also assists and supports Tamahere ward councillor Aksel Bech in his dealings with the council.

Bech, who was recently elected unopposed to the position for a second term, has given notice that this will likely be his last term on the council.

He is encouraging others to start thinking about putting their names forward for the role in three year’s time, and membership of the community committee is an excellent training ground for the councillor role.

“It’s a great opportunity for a new guard to step up for the TCC and in turn, the next councillor term for Tamahere,” Bech said.

Those with an interest in the Tamahere community or who would like to stand for the committee are encouraged to attend the committee’s annual general meeting on October 23 in the Devine Rd community centre.

More detail on the committee here.

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