Who flung dung?

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My regular walk around central Tamahere increasingly involves negotiating steaming piles of horse dung.

Horse dung fouling Tamahere footpaths

Over days if not weeks the big piles of poo lie like landmines, ready to trip the unwary walker, runner or cyclist.

Responsible dog owners carry poop scoops and plastic bags to carry away their pets’ droppings. Why not horse riders?

I’m aware of four sites currently – two piles on the footpath on Wiremu Tamihana Dr, one on Airport Rd by the roundabout and one on the Violet McKenzie walkway.

I’ve been told of other piles in Tamahere Park.

Please can the horse riders responsible for this foul litter consider other community members and take steps to remove it.

Options would seem to be to put dung catchers on their mounts or get down off their high horses and pick up and take their excrement home with them.

Stopping movement stop sthe virus. Stay home.
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9 Comments to “Who flung dung?”

  1. Colin Clarke says:

    Hi Phillippa, it seems I may be in the minority here, but it seems that you are making a mountain out of a dung hill. This is Tamahere, a Country life style area, with the emphasis on Country. Will we be getting complaints next about sheep bleating at 6am and disturbing your beauty sleep, or cockerels greeting the dawn before you have been able to prise your eyes open in the morning?. The solution is simple!! When you go for a walk take a bucket with you and a scoop and gather up the material you are complaining about and put it on your vegetable garden. You will be amazed at the benefit your vegetables will get and it is all free.

    • Philippa Stevenson says:

      It seems you are in the minority Colin. Most people seem to think the perpetrators should be responsible for their own excrement. As a 32-year resident of Tamahere I am well aware of what kind of neighbourhood I live in. I’ve seen it go from totally rural, with ourselves keeping chickens, sheep and cows to being mostly human residential. I happily live in harmony with all my neighbours – two or four-legged. I already pick up litter on my regular walks – on footpaths that are themselves a relatively new phenomenon in Tamahere. I just ask those responsible for excrement on those paths deal with it themselves. Let their vegetables get the benefit.

  2. Colleen Burr says:

    I wholeheartedly agree….equally as offensive as dog poo.
    Lazy pet owners or pet owners with a sense of entitlement?

  3. Peter says:

    We have the problem on Te Awa road and Te Awa park the owners just ignore the no horse signs , If you own a horse you should be able to exercise it on your own property or take it in its horse float to the many backcountry or forestry roads away from us..

  4. Ross Mc says:

    Good on you Pippa. We have the same problem in Fuchsia Lane. We get asked to consider their horses during the Guy Fawkes period and sit at home not enjoying explosive times ( I bloody love fireworks ), and maybe watch Coronation street for our thrill, but then get ‘shat’ on at other times of the year with lumps on the road. If another car is coming the other way, and you have no choice but to drive over the lump, then you end up with it up your driveway and stuck in your tyres, then dropped in your garage. Like Lloyd has said, why the hell can’t they ride on the grass verge. It’s bloody big enough.
    Or does that not suit the poor horsies tootsies. Or carry a ‘horsey’ bag and a shovel !
    Consider your neighbouring road users horse people. You know. The ones in cars.

  5. Mark A says:

    As we say is Tamahere “Dung happens!”

  6. Keith Marshall says:

    Exactly what we wanted to say. Are they required to clean up or is it just courtesy?
    We walk around this block 4-5 per week and see the same mess you have described – very annoying

  7. Sue Robertson says:

    Well said Pippa, this has been a problem for a while. It’s just common consideration.

  8. Lloyd Morris says:

    Thank you Pippa,

    I commute along Newell, on a bike and, so far, have managed to dodge those heaps. If horse riders would, at least, ride on the verge, the paths could have one less hazard.

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