Call for speedsters to slow


Speeding drivers ignoring 50km/hour speed signs have prompted a Birchwood Lane resident to plead for them to slow down.

“I am so fed up with cars speeding down our road despite the 50 speed limit sign,” said Elisabetta Premoli.

“I am concerned for the many children walking/biking to school as well as the rest of the community.”

Birchwood Lane has recently been completed as a through-road between Newell and Devine Roads. It is set to be busier when it becomes an important connector road with Cherry Lane when the Waikato Expressway is completed.

Premoli wondered what else she could do – other than noting number plates of speedsters – to get the message across to drivers.

To raise issues of community concern, residents can report them to Tamahere’s Waikato District councillor Aksel Bech, (, or the Tamahere Community Committee (, or members of the committee (see contacts here).

They can also be reported directly to the Waikato District Council (see here).

In an emergency (fire, police, ambulance) dial 111.

Dialling 105 will connect you to any police station in NZ. Further police contacts are here.

2 thoughts on “Call for speedsters to slow

  • February 20, 2020 at 9:37 am

    Totally agree with you Elisabetta. Some excessive speeds and often repeat offenders.
    Was an accident last week on the Newell end of Birchwood, at the first bend where a car cleaned out five letterboxes and a tree….could have easily been a cyclist or pedestrians.
    Police are aware and I understand are about to commence patrolling, but would be a good idea for you to contact them directly.

  • February 20, 2020 at 9:34 am

    I Thoroughly support this post, I am also horrified with the speed at which people are driving down Woodcock and Windmill roads (resident of Windmill road).

    Often while driving home from work and doing the speed limit I am tailgated in an aggressive manner and when I turn into my driveway am passed by vehicles that seem to put the foot to the floor.

    With young children at home this concerns me. I have taken to reporting people who are in marked company cars directly to their employers as hopefully this is a way of getting people to slow down and get the message without making complaints to the police.

    Not sure if this is the best course of action or not, have just felt I need to do something.


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