Pumpkins trump pandemic


Pandemic lockdown meant Tamahere School’s annual Pumpkin Festival had to be shelved but that didn’t stop intense pumpkin growing rivalry.

Easter Bunny pumpkin
Essential worker, Easter Bunny, rendered
in fetching pumpkin

In a post on the school’s website, Principal Waveney Parker noted the frustrations of remote learning and commended all those who had enthusiastically taken part in the biggest pumpkin contest.

“Please be kind to yourselves over this time,” Parker urged parents and students on the third day back at the books (and laptops) after the school holidays.

“Laugh, relax and have fun together and if the technology is driving you up the wall, try to avoid throwing it through the nearest window. I usually find the solution will come in time, once it has been turned off and I speak to a ‘real’ person!!!”

Some of that fun has obviously taken place in the pumpkin patch.

Above a table recording the growers along with their pumpkin’s height, weight, and circumference, Parker thanked everyone who was “clever enough to grow [pumpkins] over this long, hot summer.”

First prize for a pumpkin with a circumference of 250cm went to Ollie and Page S while there were several prizes for creativity with a strong theme for that essential worker, Easter Bunny.

“Even if you didn’t get an official place you are all winners!!” declared Parker. “You grew a pumpkin during challenging times and you have made us all smile. Thank you!”

Visit the school website here for pumpkin photos.

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