Water, fire restrictions lifted


Water restrictions have been lifted across the Waikato today.

Despite a prolonged dry period, coupled with the impacts of Covid-19 in recent weeks, the region was able to keep up with demand thanks to residents’ concerted effort, reports the Waikato District Council.

While some areas saw record water use, pleas to conserve water were effective.

Waikato District Council General Manager Service Delivery Roger MacCulloch wanted to thank all those in the Waikato district who played their part in conserving water this summer.

“Waikato district residents are aware of their water use due to the installation of water meters several years ago. This, coupled with good storage solutions and our people working hard to keep their water use at a sustainable level, meant most of the Waikato district remained off water alert levels for the first time despite the region being in drought this summer, which is certainly something to celebrate.”

An open fire season has also been declared in most areas. But check here before lighting a fire.

The region’s water management is a joint venture between the Waikato District Council, Waipā District Council and Hamilton City Council.

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Smart Water aims to make long-term change to how we use water. It has an e-newsletter to let you know when the alert level changes. Sign up at smartwater.org.nz/subscribe

Waipā District Council’s Water Services Manager Martin Mould said the lifting of restrictions comes from a major community effort, coupled with good timing.

“This summer was the first in Waipā history to reach water alert level four and our communities, businesses and industries rose to the challenge to help us get through,” Martin said.

“Every single drop counted this summer and we made it through this severe meteorological drought that extended through much of the North Island.”

Hamilton City Council’s City Waters Manager Maire Porter said despite a hot summer and more of the city’s residents staying at home during the past weeks, everyone had made a conscious effort to manage water use at peak times. 

“It’s always a great feeling to lift water restrictions and is testament to those in our communities who have made an extra effort during the past months. Although the water restrictions have been lifted, it is important residents are still responsible with their water use.”

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