Bruntwood Rd speed to drop to 80km/h


Bruntwood Rd residents have successfully petitioned to have their road’s speed limit reduced to 80km/hour.

The one-off change came after consultation saw a swathe of roads in Tamahere’s more built up area have their speeds reduced last year.

Many Bruntwood Rd residents felt they should have been included in the consultation, which focussed mainly on the Woodcock and Newell Road areas.

Residents, including Julie Mitchell, went door to door with a petition which was presented to Tamahere councillor Aksel Bech.

“As a result of their request, I was able to get Bruntwood Road included as an add-on to the Raglan-focussed speed consultation,” Bech said.

“The proposal was to increase the length of the 80km zone a further 2.9km to approximately by number 548 Bruntwood Rd, a bit after the slight bend just past the blueberry place.

“There were a number of submissions in support of going even further which were heard by Waikato District Council and accepted, and in the end the Policy & Regulatory Meeting on the 13th of March decided to extend the 80km to the very end of our territorial boundary. That means from Tauwhare Road all the way up to the intersection with Mills Road.”

The slower zone was unable to be taken further as at that point the road is in the Waipa district.

But Bech said the Waikato council had let Waipa know of the change to give it the chance to match it on its side for the rest of Bruntwood Road. 

The Covid-19 lockdown had slowed implementation of the change, which required some legal gazetting and the erection of signs but it’s expected to go ahead in level 2 once a backlog had been cleared.

Bech said no further reviews were planned of road speeds but he remained on a mission to get the NZ Transport Agency to reduce the speed on SH21/Airport Road.

“It remains at a ridiculous and dangerous 100km/hr – with 50km/hr roads coming directly off it and the road running alongside a busy sports ground.

“It is extraordinary that NZTA remains deaf to all its own safety messages about appropriate speeds for a road controlled solely by them, including still not having identified an appropriate safe way to cross their ramps at the Airport Rd roundabouts for cyclists in general and school kids in particular.”

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