Tamahere Ted on stamp


A Tamahere family have made more of an enduring mark than most on the Covid-19 lockdown with their contribution to the Great NZ Bear Hunt featuring on a commemorative stamp.

During the lockdown, Tamahere residents joined families nationwide in placing teddy bears in their windows or other creative locations, enabling kids (big and small) to participate in a fun, spot-the-bear experience during a stressful time. 

That prompted NZ Post to run a competition for teddy bears to feature on a commemorative sheet of six stamps.

Just six New Zealand households were selected and the Tamahere family of Louise, David, James and Oliver were one with their “Little Ted” entry.

Little Ted on duty ... and on a stamp
Little Ted on duty – and on a stamp

“Little Ted lives in a house that, thanks to his humans James and Oliver, has a fair few teddies and cuddly toys,” the family told NZ Post in their entry.

“But come Lockdown, when all the soft toys learnt of the bear hunt, they realised they had a problem. They couldn’t see the lane from their house, thanks to a very long drive. What could they do? How could they not somehow be involved in a NZ wide bear hunt? After much discussion it was decided the letterbox would provide a fantastic spot to wave to all the children walking and cycling past as well as providing shelter at night. All the soft toys wanted to be chosen for this very special task, but it was decided that the littlest bear was perfect for the job. His family, Louise, David, James and Oliver are very proud that he will now get to be on a stamp! We have all been keeping busy with lots of baking and online learning. But we still get to see Little Ted on our many, many (did I mention many) walks up and down our lane.”

Little Ted’s stamp is valued at $2.60 but a sheet of all the Bear Hunt stamps can be bought here for $14.70 of which $3 is donated to NZ Red Cross.

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