Winter work ahead for delayed expressway


Work on the Waikato Expressway, including at Tamahere, may need to continue through winter – if weather allows – to make up for time lost during the Covid-19 lockdown.

In a progress update, NZTA said at the expressway’s Southern Interchange at Tamahere, the new link road is under construction from Birchwood Lane.

On the eastern side of the expressway, new local, Tamahere road connections are under construction, along with shared paths for walking and cycling. The expressway route under the new bridges has been fully excavated.

Work is progressing on the approach to the southbound on-ramp bridge.

A graphic showing work at the Waikato Espressway Southern Interchange at Tamahere

The graphic shows the following:

  1. Concrete barriers are made off site. A truck delivers them, a crane lifts them into place along each side of the bridge and they are concreted into place.
  2. Permanent ponds are being formed to store and treat water running off the expressway. They are lined with clay and topsoiled for planting with species that will remove contaminants before water is released to the stream.
  3. A new bridge will take two lanes of traffic over the expressway and south to Cambridge. To build the road connection to the bridge requires some filling of the adjacent gully. This work has begun.
  4. This on-ramp will take traffic south and under the East West Link Bridge. Work is about to begin forming the road foundation for this on-ramp. (The on-ramp will also provide an off-ramp to Cherry Lane and Bollard Road.)
  5. Anchors to secure the bridge are about to be built – extending into the Cherry Lane intersection. Once they are complete, construction of a raised roundabout will begin. This will connect Cherry Lane and Cambridge Road to the bridge.
  6. This disconnected section of Cambridge Road is being reshaped and reconstructed, with new drainage.
  7. Excavation of the expressway is complete and the foundation for the road is being constructed.
  8. Two large culverts have been built and fill placed on top to form an embankment for the link road to Birchwood Lane. The fill needs up to seven months to settle before the road can be built on top. The road foundation from Birchwood Lane to the edge of the gully fill is under construction now. Road construction will follow.
  9. A cultural reserve will be developed here. Archaeological investigation is required before construction can begin.
  10. A road is being built for access to the cultural reserve and the six houses that currently have access from SH1.

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